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Who actually knew what Robin Williams went through?

We've all seen posts, as usual "What a great man!", "He had a superb soul, we'll see you in Heaven!". Actually how cool would that be? If I'll meet all my favorite celebrities in Heaven I can't wait to die, I'll go make a pill cocktail, add some booze too and that's it, me on a cloud talking to Ghandi. But I have a question here, how will I find them? I mean there must have been millions and millions of people who have died since the idea of Heaven became popular, will I go from cloud to cloud and from an angel with a harp to another asking "Have you seen -Insert famous celebrity name here-?" and the angels will respond "Yeah, he/she spends eternal life at Beverly Clouds." A bit of humor in honor of a comedian's death.
Robin Williams died, yes, we've all heard that, seen the pictures and had his life unfold before our eyes. "O Captain! My Captain!". I remember when Amy Winehouse died. Nobody even cared what drug or alcohol problems she had but it all became clear when she died. Do you actually know how many people with these issues you pass by on the street? No, and you shouldn't because it's their life, their choices.

Nobody knew what Robin Williams went through because it was none of our business. Nothing that doesn't directly involve us is none of our business. Global warming is none of our business. Most of us haven't even seen more than one coutry, except the one we live in, so why should we care about what is outside our little city? Well we shouldn't, we're not exactly meant to, evolution and history proved that. We protect ourselves and who is around us. "It's only logical" Spock would say.

An exceptional actor died and we're all a little sad, some more that others. He was a big part of our childhood, Aladin, Peter Pan, Andrew the Robot, and many others. We can all assume he was happy doing what he did best at least. The problem is...that was not him, those were the parts he played. We never knew HIM. We were never part of his life as he was never part of ours. We shouldn't project the characters he impersonated upon the real person. We heard his jokes and seen his talent, but we only knew a small, insigificant part of what he was going through. What people who watched his movies, even fans, are doing is similar to being showed picture of a flower and then finding out that flower is dead now. Whould you post a hundred different poses of the flower before it died on facebook with the caption "It was beautiful, smell you in Heaven!"? No. You never watered the flower, never smelt it, never touched it or played it classical music to grow as beautifully as it did.
I don't now if Robin was a great man, I don't know if he was sad. I can only say I regret that he won't play anymore parts that I would have loved to see.
Another subject that I find interesting is the post mortem recognition. As history has shown us, artists are more appreciated after death. Why is that? I think I have come up with an explanation that will bring some light upon this subject. Williams was an actor and a comedian. He did stand up comedy untill he died, was nice and helped, as I have heard, a lot of people but why are we noticing this now? Well for starters people who once knew him, out of grief, are remembering him for what he did best in his life. That was a simple one. But why is his art being appreciated so much now? The reason is simple...death. Death is a great motivator to many. We all try not to think about it, when it comes to mind, the healthy thing to do is to dismiss the thought and think of something else. When we see a famous person die we notice all the things he did in his life and realise that in our lives we didn't accomplish half of what he did. Also he died doing what he loved untill the end. When you see someone (who has his own struggles, some of them leading him to commit suicide) trying to make people a little bit happier and even, proabaily, dying because of it, (check this link to find out why) well.. it kinda makes you think. Death makes people think, but only for a little bit because "ain't nobody got time for that". After that we just go back to forgetting that our life may suck.

Williams was known to be depressed, to have abused drugs and frequented rehabs. They say don't meet your idols, I say au contraire, you definitely shoud, because every child and adult should see that accomplishing your goal doesn't mean that you are mentally stable, surrounded by people or even happy. There are so many alone celebrities. People should know that they are not role models, they are people who were very good at what they did or just got lucky. They ar not always an example to be followed as every idol that you had and wasn't drawn or animated. We should all learn that as each of us makes mistakes, they are entitled to as well and not to be judged by a lonesome farmer who tries to keep his family well fed.
A thing to thank him for is that he wanted to play in those movies you love, he chose those characters you love and he did them well if not great at times. The Robin we knew is not dead, he still smiles on the screen and like with every book you have finished and closed, it doesn't mean that if the story ended, you can't read it again.

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