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CANCER BUSTED Macrophages finally find Cancerous Cells hiding in plain sight

People pictured the future a lot different than it is today. We would have had flying cars and a room that could wash, dress, and do your hair in under 5 minutes by just pressing a few buttons. Well we might have to wait a little longer for that because scientists are still a little busy trying offer us cures to every disease that can potentially kill us rather than having fun being Willy Wonka. But why are there so many cures and which of them are actually not a mith? Of course we are talking about cancer here, the umpredictable disease that can kill you in one month, torture you 10 years or just leave you alone. You just might say it has a mind of its own.
I was reading earlier today an article on the Daily Mail about how raw garlic reduces the risk of pulmonary cancer to half, or so the Chinese say in a clinical study they conducted. Then I remebered reading another similar article about some chemicals in grapefruit that could help you fight breast cancer. Of course tese aren't the only ones I've read about how things in our day by day lives can lower the risk of certain diseases.What they are not telling you in all these studies is that the majority of them are based on closely monitoring a group of individuals and not on actual lab testing. I am not against eating garlic and grapefruit of course, they are very nutritious and actually quite tasty but not as tasty as a dose of antibodies that are actually trying to stop cancer AFTER it occured. 

I say occured because nobody knows exactly why cancer apperas. It just kinda shows up starts growing all over the place. To stop it from appearing out of the blue they tell us to eat garlic, grapefruit, lillies and the blossoms of a rare plant that only grows in the North of Switzerland but it only helps you if you boil its petals in sheep blood. Even if I do all these things and even if they supposedly work on me, what about the other thousands of people that happen to have it anyway? Will garlic help them? No. 

Medicinal Marijuana could help you prevent lung cancer and even treat it by giving you will power and by eliminating the nausea that comes with chimotherapy. Chimotherapy is the bag of chemicals that makes you regret you didn't eat all that garlic when you had the chance but nevertheless it can help you kill cancer. Or maybe THESE awesome people that didn't treat cancer like a vampire and actually did something about it can help you. If you are thinking "this can't be, cancer can't be so easily treatable, why didn't they think of this before", I might be abe to give you an answer:

Researchers have tried to find antigens on cancerous cells. These antigens should allow your immune system to distinguish them from your normal cells. Your immune cells are programmed to fight off some types of antigens and some not. In the case it can't fight some antigens it should, reasearchers can add a gene to those cells that helps them detect the antigen you want them to, develop a culture from the modified cells and then shove them back into your bloodstream. Yes, your body can have updates now. BUT cancer cells overproduce certain antigens your immune system shouldn't respond to because those certain antigens are produced by lower levels of healthy cells too. So that was the biggest problem at first. 

Now let's discuss the CD-47 protein. CD-47 is found on the surface of many cells in your body. It tells circulating immune cells caled macrophages not to eat these cells. Unfortunately cells that should be destroyed are not, and these are of course the cancerous cells that have large amounts of the CD-47 protein on the cell surface. The researchers wanted to find out if the CD-47 protein could be a therapeuic antibody target. They used anti CD-47 antibodies that cling to the CD-47 not letting it bind to its receptor on macrophages, therefore it cannot send its "do not eat me" signal. Of course there is a tiny little problem with this idea. You can inject the anti CD-47 antibody and it will attack the cancerous cells but how do you keep it from affecting the other healthy cells that contain CD-47? Well you don't. The canerous cells have so much CD-47 so they ca remain hidden that the antibodies don't notice that much other cells. You might say it's just like love at first sight. There are of course some decreases in cell counts but nothing the body can't manage. The potential for toxicity is slightly higher comparing them with controlled antibodies but the results are way better!

To sum up, we can recognise the effectiveness of the anti CD-47 antybody because it busts the cover of the villain and the cops-macrophages can bust them unlike controlled antibodies that are more chaotic because they are the lymphocytes (another type of immune cells) that attack the cacerous cells and they cannot be so specific because they have to find flags that are not easily detectable.

Well, these being said, if garlic and holy water don't do the trick you can just thank these guys for giving you an alternative:

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